It's Snowshoe Time!

Winter is officially here and unless we force ourselves to get outside and engage in physical activity we will be stuck inside on the treadmill until May! A great way to get outside and also preparing for bathing season is to strap on a pair of snowshoes and go for a hike! (I am writing this while sitting in a lounge chair sunning myself in Miami)

Why snowshoe? Well let me fill you in…

  1. Snowshoeing is more strenuous than hiking
  2. It is FUN and it extends your running and hiking season into winter
  3. You don’t have to drive up north or fly to Aspen to do it
  4. It is good for all ages.  Even toddlers can do it
  5. You just need snowshoes and the proper shoe or boot 
  6. It's versatile! You can go easy or hard.  Easy=hiking or hard=running
  7. Snowshoeing is great for the glutes, (think, Jen Selter)
  8. Best of all when you are finished you can grab a yummy hot beverage to help warm you up…in my case, a Soy Cappuccino (I told you I had an addiction)

What do I need and where do I get it?  With any sport, proper fitting gear is important to your experience so make sure you get the right shoes for your needs. There are four basic types of snowshoes: 

  1. Flat Terrain – for beginners
  2. Rolling Terrain – for intermediate and hikers/backpackers
  3. Mountain Terrain – for advanced and mountaineers
  4. Running and Walking – for getting your cardio outside

I suggest going to your favorite Outdoor Sports Store such as REI, Moosejaw or Back Country to try on different types and see what you like better!  

Now that you have all the right gear where do you go?  Living in Metro Detroit you might think we have limited access to snowshoeing trails but you are wrong.  Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Kensington Metro Park
  2. Island Lake Recreation Area
  3. Mayberry State Park
  4. West Bloomfield Trail
  5. If you are a member at a Golf Club check to see if they allow snowshoeing
  6. Take advantage of a fresh snow fall and trek around your neighborhood
  7. Check the rules of each path as some parks restrict Snowshoeing on groomed Cross Country Ski Trails!  

Get out there and have some fun!  Send me photos of your adventures!