Gift Giving Guide

Are you tired of giving boring gift cards for the holiday and want to wow your friends or family with something special?  When you are making your gift lists this year think about what is unique about the person and get a gift that complements that quality.  Here are just a few ideas:

If they get in their daily run despite the weather I consider them a serious runner.  You can't get them running shoes but you can get them a new pair of cool kicks to wear around town!  Custom design a pair of NIKE shoes that will fit their unique style.  Go to and play with the endless possibilities.  

Do the baristas at Starbucks start making their drink before they even order?They might have a coffee addiction, so work with it!  For those moments at home when I want to drink a rich cup of great coffee I pull out my French Press.  Check out the selection at Williams Sonoma.

Is someone on your list an adventure seeker and constantly hiking and biking?For someone like this the typical activity tracker just won't do so check out the Forerunner Sports Watch by Garmin.  There are a few to choose from depending on your budget and activity needs. 

One of my favorite gifts to give just about anyone is a vegetable spiralizer!  There are numerous options but they all transform just about any vegetable into a delicious and healthy noodle.  It is a great gift for someone who loves cooking or is looking for ways to eat healthier.  My spiralizer never gets any rest as I love transforming organic zucchini into fresh noodles and serving them with a fresh tomato sauce and sautéed mushrooms!  Check out the selection at Williams Sonoma.