Go VEG in 2016!

Veganism is growing by leaps and bounds.  This year I urge you to consider reducing animal products as a New Year’s Resolution,  and check out the book Vegan Before Six. The author, Mark Bittman,  promotes following a plant based diet for your meals before 6pm. Then have a dinner that consists of a small amount of animal protein from friendly sources.  When I converted to a plant based diet almost 6 years ago, the only restaurant I could walk into and consistently get a vegan meal was Inn Season Café in Royal Oak.  Now most restaurants have specific vegan menu items or will accommodate most dietary needs.  Until recently, few restaurants in the area offered a completely plant based menu.  I am excited to share with you Dr. Joel Kahn's, Green Space Cafe in Ferndale, which opened December 1st.  It is completely plant based!  Give it a try for one of your meals!