To Cleanse or Not to Cleanse?

Juice Cleanse 2.jpg

Cleanses based on cold pressed juice continue to grow in popularity as new juicing companies seem to pop up everyday.  I happen to be guilty of trying most of them! People cleanse for a variety of reasons including weight loss, liver detoxing or to kick start a new diet.  Personally, I like to participate in a juice cleanse every quarter to give my digestive system a break or to reset if I have been out of town or have been thrown off my typical diet.  When I Googled juice cleanse, there were over 2 million results; so I highly suggest working with someone who specializes in cleanses to guide you in the right direction.  On January 3rd I will be starting a 3 day cleanse with the help of Wellness Coach, Jamie Krasman, who owns LIVing Wellness.  She met with me and designed a cleanse to meet all of my nutritional needs.  Before the actual cleanse starts, she suggests a pre-cleanse. I started today which means no seeds, no nuts, no grains, no processed foods and no sugar.  Since I have already given up caffeine, alcohol, animal products and dairy, my list is much shorter.