Get Out and Get Fit!

The days are getting shorter and that means summer is half over! Take advantage of the beautiful weather and shake up your workout by challenging yourself outside.  Forget the dumbbells, bands and bars since all you need for this workout is a picnic table or park bench!  Warm up with a steady 10 minute jog or power walk and then push yourself to keep moving with the following exercises:

  • Walking Lunge - 50 reps
  • Incline Push Up - 20 reps
  • Step Up - 20 reps per leg
  • Triceps Dips - 20 reps
  • Split Lunge - 20 reps per leg
  • Decline Push Up - 20 reps
  • Squats - 50 reps
  • Wide Leg Push Up - 20 reps
  • Mt. Climbers - 50 reps

Complete two to three rounds and then cool down with another jog and be sure to stretch out!