Stay Hydrated!

If you are not drinking water during your morning run or your work out session you may experience fatigue due to dehydration. When you sweat you lose electrolytes, which need to be replaced. Drinking water during a regular workout will be sufficient, but if you are doing a vigorous or long duration workout, then you should drink an electrolyte enhanced beverage.  I am not a fan of flavored sports drinks since they are packed with sugar so I like water that has electrolytes added.   Another great option is coconut water but it has a very specific taste and is not for everyone.  No matter what you choose to drink make sure you are taking a few sips when you start to feel thirsty and don't wait until you are parched. A mild thirst is the sign that you are starting to get dehydrated, feeling parched is a sign that you are already dehydrated!  So drink up!