Training While Traveling

Don't let traveling get you off your fitness routine.  It is easy to skip workouts while traveling but your body will thank you later if you find just 30 minutes to fit a short jog or a few push ups in.  I use trips as an excuse to scout the competition and see what other cities are offering in the fitness industry.  If you don't like seeking out new forms of exercise while traveling such as a spinning class or boot camp here are some things to try when traveling:

  • Pack resistant bands, ankle weights and slide disks for added variety to your workout
  • Sprint for two blocks and then walk one block, repeat for a duration of 30 minutes
  • Use a park bench for 50 each of step ups, push ups, triceps dips and split lunges
  • Do 100 push ups, 100 squats and 100 jumping jacks in your room
  • Run the stairs at the hotel or nearby park for 10 minutes then do 100 calf raises on the bottom step.  Repeat 3 times! 
  • If you go out for a run make sure you tell the hotel when you leave or use an app such as Strava to let your loved ones know your location.
  • Most importantly keep moving and do something you enjoy!