Long, Lean Legs

Are your quads struggling to get in those skinny jeans or are your calves too tight for tall boots?  This is a common complaint I hear from my female clients all too often and I can relate.  In early 2016 I switched my workouts to prepare for a 3 day 300 mile bike ride for Make-A-Wish.  In doing so I noticed a shift in my body and mostly my legs.  This change should not have surprised me since biking requires great leg strength and endurance, however I was not prepared for how much my legs would actually “bulk up”.  It has been 5 months since completing the bike ride and I am just now returning to normal.  The human body is so adaptable and will change to meet the needs you place on it.  Keep this in mind with the type of training that you do.  Determine what your goal is: do you want to complete a 5k in under 22 minutes, compete in a fitness competition, or look like a VS model?  Now take a long look in the mirror and determine what type of body you have and where your weaknesses are.   Try to be your best self and not someone else!